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bbuing bbuing ~ ♡


Random Hanjoo edit

ToppDogg members; short and quick guide
↪ KINGDOMS: Dragon | Knight | Lion | Wizard


Combine your love of retro gaming and breakfast foods with “Spooky Side Up" by Michael Bancroft, which is new today!

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leaf girl card


✱ TaePyo's height difference when Taeil isn't wearing shoes


i am kind, i am delicate, i am a small lilac flower, i am oh so kind, so sweet! no one remembers that i can catch fire! i can wither and rot! i can simply fall off! i can be bitter!

Panda 17, german, kpop and anime obsessed
B.A.P, Block B, Big Bang, BTS, ToppDogg, 2NE1, Super Junior, EXO, and many more x3

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